YA Choices 2019

The Young Adults’ Choices Project is an annual project of the International Literacy Association.  Each year students in grades 7 – 12 from across the United States select 30 titles from newly published books to create a Young Adults’ Choices Reading List.  (Click here to view past lists.) HPMS students are fortunate to be a part of such an exciting reading program!

The goals of the project are to:
  • Give young adults an opportunity to voice their opinions about books written for them
  • Develop an annual annotated reading list of new books that young adults enjoy
  • Help teachers, librarians, booksellers, parents, and others find books that will encourage young adults to read more!

Raiders are invited to read, rate, and repeat!  Please use the forms below to check out and to rate the YA Choices selections you read.  If you are also reading to win, be sure to track the books you complete on a YAC 2019 Reading Sheet (available in the library soon).

Let your voice be heard!  Read, rate and repeat!

Use this form to CHECKOUT a YA Choices Book: 

Use this form to RATE the book after you’ve read it: 

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